Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changes On The Boulevard

Years ago it was Waldenbooks then it became Borders Express then it closed as the brave new world of electronic books swept the land.

Cement fore and aft, ladders, scaffolding and men in coveralls.

To the trained eye it has become apparent that change is in the air. I suspect some minor chain store selling pet supplies might be in the offing.

Further up the main shopping drag in New Town, change has come and gone. A bank is now established where Boater's World used to sell yacht stuff.

And this lot aren't going anywhere, there're gone:

I'm not sorry to see the end of Blockbuster, the chain that forgot what customer service meant, even as technology wiped out a few more service jobs. Meanwhile a supermarket is holding a "going out of business" sale, which strikes me as rather odd.

Going out of business sale of lettuce? Weird, but I'm told Albertsons is to become an all-organic Publix Greenwise store.

I find it hard to imagine there are that many organic shoppers in Key West in summer when the hipster snowbirds have fled the summer breezes for the humidity of Kansas, but I'm sure Publix knows best.

Shop till you drop meanwhile for cheap lettuce and beer.

While this lot rub their knuckles and prepare to expand their empire just a few feet further into the southern waters toward Cuba.

Any bets how long before Publix Havana opens up? Years ago Flagler dragged Cuban pineapples to winter residents of New York. Tomorrow who knows how far south the Publix Empire will stretch?

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