Monday, March 20, 2017

Daylight Savings Time

If I'm going to be honest, and I'd better be, I think this collection of pictures is distinguished by the way they illustrate so clearly my inability to catch humans in sensible poses. I need to work on it. Studying his cellphone though you'd never know it naturally as I took the picture:
The scooter riders are hauling on Duval Street, but honestly I'm not at all sure what I was photographing...Spring Break is ruining my concentration.
Somehow Robert and I connected at the Tropic Cinema in the middle of the downtown chaos. I rode my scooter, Robert parked his car in the middle of town and rode to the theater on his bicycle. I got there first which is a testament to the availability of the free two wheeled parking spaces. Everyone should ride.
 It was cold so I had a coffee while I waited for Robert to catch up. The Tropic has a pleasant seating area to hang out in so I was okay. The movie we planned to see was Paterson by Jim Jarmusch a man who has a history of offbeat independent movies. Maybe I am maturing or possibly he is, but I found this (one of) his best.  A meditation on words and routine and perception the story is simple enough, that of a bus driver in the New Jersey City of Paterson who writes poetry on the side, lives with a clingy rather irritating dreamer of a woman with a dog of no great talent. Nothing much happens in the course of the movie, though there are a few incidents of note and the story ends much as it began. Very satisfying all round actually and I had no idea there were so many poets associated with Paterson, or anarchists and assassins either. Robert slept through much of it. I liked it.
One nice thing about daylight savings time is that when we came out of the four o'clock show it was till sunny outside. Continuing my path of photographing people badly (this has to get better with practice) the homeless beggar below seems to be putting off the tourist on the right. Actually they were having a  cheerful conversation so I got that completely wrong. When the guy approached me and asked where Key West was I got lost for a reply- uncharacteristic I know but my head was in Paterson.
Usually when approached by lunatics I adopt a tactic I learned from the village idiot where I grew up in Italy. She had an obsession with underwear and would cock her head and get inside your space and ask right up close what color underwear you were wearing because everyone wears underwear don't they? I ask the same question when some street conspiracy theorist comes up and starts talking contrails or surveillance or some other thing and they back off terrified. Works every time. Thank you Carlotta for the inspiration. This lot were a bunch of tourists from Quebec. Enough said I still haven';t got over last summer's hospital stay in Quebec City so the hell with them all.
This one backed off before I could pose the underwear question out as I waited (again!) for Robert to show up at his choice of dinner place. Big John's pizza place at Key Plaza. People always ask where do locals eat and now you can add this place to the list.
And they've painted out the designated scooter parking so I took a whole space. The trick when parking a scooter or motorcycle in a car spot is to park at the entrance to the space so you avoid having a  car swing in, thinking its empty, and thus crushing your ride. This way the space is clearly occupied though I hate using a  car space for a two wheeler.
 Robert deserves a better portrait than this. Mind you the other pictures made him look positively demented, flinging his arms around as though attacked by swarms of insects. This picture is the best of a bad lot. Oh well. 
The pizza was good. And that's what matters.