Thursday, May 2, 2019

Solares Hill Night

Me the dog and the iPhone at four in the morning. The curse of not being able to sleep on your night off when you work night shift and your dog wants to go for a walk. This is how you make lemonade out of that particular lemon.

Genuine Buddy 50cc scooters.
The always popular New York eatery in Key West. Lines are too long for me to be tempted:
The county health building on Simonton, named for the cigar family that built it, so it is called the Gato Building as a reminder of past glories:

Streets at random, no one around except me and Rusty and the occasional bar hopper tripping home.

Rusty at Simonton and Olivia Streets.

In the annals of cryptic messaging I thought this one below rated quite high.
Not an accidentally open door (Ithink) but a communal entrance left open and inviting possibly on purpose.
A very used phone booth now apparently sitting as ornament. I find myself irrationally tempted to miss payphones but I have the capacity to remember what a pain in the ass they were.  Calling cards made them easier to use but all that stuff fumbling with coins and finding ones not vandalized and so forth. Cell phones - another reason to love them.