Thursday, January 2, 2014

Postcards From The Edge

The weather has been gray and I thought one of the first pictures of the new year should reflect this unnatural state in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

I was out with Cheyenne in the old year and together we enjoyed a couple of morning stops along the Overseas Highway.

The trash can was not apparently close enough to the table:

There is a public loo at Veterans Park and an outdoor cold shower. Some people swim in December around here. It's warm enough for shirt sleeves most days, but water temperatures won't resume normal operating levels until March or April. Anything less than eighty degrees is unacceptable for swimming.

Dishwashing in public. The joy of van abode living.

Dropping the dreary details of life, the beach is a good place to be.


The edge of the known world:

Well, not really but close enough for dog work.

And fishing:




Bird convention on the old Flagler railroad bridge:

Fishing on the edge. I had to hold on to Cheyenne to keep her out of his bait bag.

Best wishes for the new year, wherever it takes us all.