Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dark Packer

The Flaming Buoy restaurant at one in the morning, long after bedtime.

There was a dog here howling hopelessly to be let in by the thoughtless occupants who must have been deaf or severely intoxicated not to have been awakened by the misery of their hound.

I did spot the cat lying down the sidewalk.

It ignored me and started licking it's genitals. Perhaps to send me a message. Like this irony basket:

Washing out the colors changes Key West, particularly by night:

This house is classic Key West, flag and all, not illuminated by night except by a nearby street light:

And with the colors turned on I thought it looked rather more interesting:

Packer Street looking toward Truman:

The same scene in color:

It is no longer snowbird season. I was alone for the twenty minutes I spent taking these pictures.
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