Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Police Animal

There was one other animal in Key West I came across recently, Mounted Patrol 79. I was riding in through the back gate at work When I saw Mr Ed grazing in the shade of the parking lot gumbo limbo while his rider was in the evening briefing in the police station.

My sisters loved their horses when we were growing up. But I, then as now, preferred my motorized wheels. In this case my wife's 150cc Vespa which I rode in to work while my Bonneville gets a refurbished seat from Sargent's in Jacksonville.

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Signs And Animals

A black cat crossing in Italy supposedly brings bad luck, and as tasteless as it sounds one is supposed to scratch one's testicles (if one has any) to ward off the bad luck.

Cheyenne and I had been warned this might happen.

I am not superstitious by nature so I got on with the business of enjoying a rainy summer afternoon in Key West. Poinciana flowers are falling this time of year as the trees bloom and winds blow:

A well wrapped scooter waiting for winter and an owners return:

Pigs now have wings, at least this one does, so anything is possible.

Hot enough to slow my Labrador who took refuge from the humidity in the shade of a car port. I cannot stand to see people running their dogs this time of year.

Cats do the sensible thing in hot and humid weather.

And geckos and anoles sit around and look pretty. I can't really tell the difference between the lizards, except when anoles raise a rather pretty fan under their chins.

Guttered flowers collecting rainwater look pretty and functional.

For some reason the two colored kayak reminded me of those ice creams one bought as a child shaped like a rocket and colored such that your mouth when green and yellow and red as you sucked the spaceship.


I took a tour of the cemetery as I haven't been there in a while, and as I had Cheyenne I had to take the car as mopeds and dogs aren't allowed but bicycles and cars are.

And that was the only picture I was inspired to take of the ever photogenic cemetery. It was coming on to rain and a pot of tea and a movie at home were calling to me. Plus my dog was tired of walking.

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