Friday, February 17, 2017

Living On The Rock

I have been holding my breath since January 20th wondering what direction the President will take in this brave new world that the Midwest has plunged us into and  I can't say things look good from my perspective. I had hoped for a Teddy Roosevelt figure hiring capable non partisan technocrats to straighten up all those things that we all know need to be changed. Instead we seem to have landed in the Fourth Circle of Hell where greed still runs rampant and bromides are all we get from a cabinet of unqualified millionaires. These are not people brought to government to fix it but to wreck it.
I view the increasing chaos in Washington from the perspective of one who lives on the margins and observes from behind a parapet of daily work, ever advancing middle age and no progeny to worry about. I live in a good place, a small town with a decent community and a sense of commitment to humane values. True enough Key West lacks the resources to overcome extreme demands on the city placed on it by  state and federal legislators but there is a bit of a buffer in Key West from the excesses of the Trump Administration. When health care insurance is taken away as it soon will be the Republicans tell us, we will revert to charity and fundraisers and so forth to help defray medical costs as we did prior to Obamacare. I am more glad than ever for my work related health insurance.
I wondered why His slogan about making America Great Again caught fire. I thought America was pretty great even though the President was black (and Muslim) and despite more people were getting health insurance this country seemed pretty good to me even against a tide of Republican opposition. Apparently America sucks and needs to be fixed. I don't see how it sucks so much. I wonder if Trump can bring back jobs lost to globalization (which I have always opposed) but even if he does if there aren't unions to negotiate pay levels  wages will be feeble. No one likes to talk about the role unions played in the prosperity of the 1950s but these days history seems to matter less than ever.  
I blame Ronald Reagan for starting us down this path of collectively not trusting the government. Newt Gingrich reinforced the rot and now we are led by people who want to tear down the institutions not to repair them. I am not a fan of revolution, nor would anyone be who knows their history like I said already. Too many people today live in a reality presented to them by biased sources which offer alternative reality as an option. Then I consider how many people are on drugs -legal and otherwise- and how many people believe in the Book of Revelations as a viable program for the near future, and I wonder how long before something goes seriously wrong and shots are fired at us or among us.
I hope the institutions built up around the constitution hold up and the economy improves and people feel better and Trump can take an honorable retirement and we can get back to normal. If not I live in a good place to weather whatever madness our totally unqualified leaders push us into. One more reason I'm glad to live in the Keys. Bring on the fundraisers!
One would like to think:
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