Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mosquito Control

A quiet street in the early morning hours somewhere in Key West...

...when suddenly over the rooftops the sound of clattering 'copter blades shatters the morning stillness. No, it's not Robert Duvall strutting on a southeast Asian beach in a ten gallon hat.

It's just the Mosquito Control District's air force spraying the city to clear dengue carrying and other hazardous mosquitoes from their lairs. It's not Agent Orange they spray, but some people protest it's just as bad. Worse perhaps than the dreaded dengue. I survived dengue in my youth and I survive BT daily it seems. Robert Duvall I never did have to face.

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Being Outdoors

The magician Thérèse planted the flowering pot when she was here a few weeks ago and the thing is sprouting like Jack and the Beanstalk' magic plant. I have to keep moving the Bonneville to prevent it getting overgrown...

I was out with the dog wandering one of her preferred patches of highway shoulder when I saw a lone bike roaring by, straight pipes and all. Last weekend was the Poker Run and now it's as if it never was.

The ocean is glinting beautifully, under the September sun. We've had lots of gentle breezes to keep the temperature around 90 degrees and humidity free.

Mid afternoon tends to be a little warm for herself so walks tend to be short. After I've gone to work and the sun has gone down my wife will take Cheyenne out for a night time stroll when she can be a bit friskier.

I know she's gearing up for winter

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A New Street

We got a note at work a while back about a new street that had been designated in Key West. For as intimately as I have to know the city for my job, every now and again a new alley or lane pops up into my field of view.

How many people, I wonder know where Gonzalez Lane is (The Meadows) or Prospect Alley (behind the San Carlos) or Michael Lane (in front of the offices of the Aqueduct) among many others. Moeller in front of the Regal Cinema isn't actually a city street, it was named by the developer after himself.

But McCarthy Lane is a bonafide new street in New Town off Duck Avenue just north of 14th Street which itself is properly known as Glynn Archer Drive...

It turns out McCarthy has but one address 1341, which is the apartment complex looking good in these pictures. It's owned and operated by AIDS Help and they say open to anyone who wants to rent.

So, if in order to win a bet you ask someone what is the newest street in this city chartered in 1828, here is the answer.

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Spanish Main

Many years ago I read an article about how a study carried out in a Seattle neighborhood showed residential crime dropped by a marked degree when neighbors went out walking their dogs.

Which is not to suggest Cheyenne would have such a beneficial effect on Spanish Main on Cudjoe Key but I like to think my travels with my dog cheer her up. She was having an amazingly intense time sniffing all the rocks and trees and poles on the street as though an army of smelly dogs had preceded her just recently.

Call me skeptical but I find it hard to imagine a deputy could be sitting on Spanish Main on an empty September afternoon checking for speeders. I hope they are out in force in February because this place is a beehive in winter.

One has to imagine that drunk drivers are here year round when one trips over delicious Bud Lite in the grass, lying as though tossed from the window of a speeding car, badly driven.

A snowbird's boat tucked away under the house for the summer, the best swimming season down here, and "secured" for hurricane season with a cable lock and some weedy twine. I wonder how much peace of mind that gives when winds reach 130 miles per hour sustained?

Where's my cannon to shoot down Spanish Main?

Dog, resting, hot.

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