Thursday, July 8, 2021


So much pseudo hurricane drama needs a response. The Keys are as lovely as ever.
Summer is my time for cloud watching, moisture in the air produce spectacular shows in the air.
Sunsets over the mangroves, distant traffic on Highway One is ever-present but muted. More like the sound of water over pebbles or sand sliding down a dune.

Winter is the time for birds migrating so summer is the time of year for the holdouts, the year round residents, the ibis and the blackbirds and some heron and no one around to bother them.
Some days the skies are gray and overcast and give off a terrible flat light. Some days there is a fireball in the sky, exploding overhead.
I like the dramatic days of Florida mountains lit up by the setting sun
I think of mountain climbers on snowy slopes far above the sea.
Spiky buttonwoods framing the puffy white mass in the distance:
Trompe l'oeil, a cloud underfoot hiding among the red mangrove roots:
My escape from long days of working and dreaming of open roads and new horizons when I fear I shall miss these just a bit. Quite a bit.