Friday, August 2, 2013

Big Pine Woods

I admit I got whiny and bitchy with all the rains last month. It seemed like everyday the skies were gray and they opened over and ver dumping feet of water on South Florida. It was not the summer weather I wanted. However, and here's the thing, those weeks of rain were good for the water tables of course but they also kept summer's heat at bay.

Usually summer kicks in around May in the Keys with increasing hours of sunshine, sudden clots of rain, and massive humidity. Unusually this year we didn't star sweating till the middle of July. Cheyenne loved it, as she do e's alive in winter and hibernates in summer.

But in the end summer's heat got to my dog and her walks started to get shorter, which is great for me as I get to bed earlier after a night spent sitting up. I love my Labrador so she gets to walk as she wants, it's her time of day and I'm just there to chauffeur her around... She led me a pretty dance though the pine forests because Cheyenne has a sense of humor and making me plough through the scrub palmetto was a good joke. Actually I had fun getting lost alongside her.

We sat about for a while until we found ourselves back in human controlled turf, the pine forest gave way to suburbia and all the fear that involves. This property protected by Smith and Wesson. I wonder how many suburbanites think they have what it takes t deliberately choose to shoot a human being. Even a trespasser.

I like walking the woods, they make a serene. Meditation for me to end my night at work. I make sure Cheyenne gets the walk she wants and needs but sometimes I need to see trees and wonder why bracken grows so well in the Keys.
The subject of banning plastic bags in supermarkets is off the table as a violation of human rights. Good job.


Back in civilization I found this guy. Do you envy him his mortgage? His freedom? I look and wonder how it is closing mental hospitals to save money was ever considered a good idea. When will we ever learn?