Friday, June 19, 2015


I have planned an escape today, a ride away from responsibility and family duties, a day alone with my old Vespa testing my theories about its suitability, even in this century, as a machine to see the sights. So I'm off for a ride, leaving behind a dog who I hopes forgives me for my less than complete attention to her needs. My wife already gave her blessing and my Vespa so far has not chosen to give up under my best efforts to push. If this goes wrong it may take a while to extract myself and my elderly scooter from the depths of the Everglades. I've located what may be an interesting dirt road in Seminole Country, which may or may not be gated and there's only one way to find out, so off I go. Tires inflated, including the spare, tools a few, rear wheel jack, plenty of two stroke oil and an extra jug of gas, and of course spare light bulbs. Here we go...

In light of the fact I plan to spend the day as far from tidal water as possible in South Florida I thought to post a few pictures of just that today. Here they are, with a very hot dog, who sat in the shade and soon demanded to be taken home. Which is one reason why I don't feel so bad buggering off to the Everglades for the day. 95 degrees doesn't please my Labrador.




Some anchoring device planted in the rock. The water here is too shallow for boats so perhaps it was used to secure some land structure once. I never noticed it before.


I had to include a Clyde Butcher impression. He's up the west coast for the summer he says, but his gallery on Tamiami a Trail is always worth an inspirational stop. That's on my route today...

I hope this is as much fun as it looks on paper. Could be sweaty work if not.