Thursday, August 27, 2015

Water And Light

 The light has been fantastic lately. 
Clouds are burning up with reflected sunlight when Cheyenne and I have been out in the early morning.
 The clouds then reflect the light back onto the mirror surface of the still waters.
The Navy Basin which was supposed to be handed over to the city. Luckily the Navy decided at the last minute to keep the space for itself, allowing the National Parks and NOAA boats to stay docked at the Eco Discovery Center. The city had been considering a cheesy expensive marina to be built here. Personally I prefer the Navy plan which appears to be to do nothing.
Across town at Smathers Beach the number of joggers in summer is down to a handful so anyone who feels like hanging around watching the water gets to do it mostly by themselves. In winter the beach sidewalk is a freeway of competing interests, jogging, power walking, ambling, skating and cycling...all at once
In summer the water gets so flat that when the haze builds up you can't see where the water ends and the sky begins. It is quite lovely. 
This peculiar platform is described by the city on the impenetrable cement wall as "beach access." Lovely passive aggressive nonsense in this city full of surprises.
Ahh, summer!