Tuesday, October 5, 2021


The fact is my life is slightly boring at the moment and I apologize. 

We plan to be on the road in three weeks but until then it's a Phony War, if you know to what period of history I am referring...we are living a life of reduction and there's not much to write about. Forgive me.

My days now start with an early morning neighborhood walk with Rusty. He has been perfect as usual and now I'm not getting up at 4:25 am anymore he lets me sleep in. Around 5:45 or 6 am I hear a dog yawn and nails clicking on the tiles as he politely wakes me from a deep sleep and reminds me it's time to check the neighborhood.

A walk down to Spanish Main and back lasting twenty minutes in the dark of the morning is enough to wake me so after he gets his treat I lay down on the couch and read while Rusty uses his dog door and lets himself out to enjoy the sunrise which comes around 7 am.

When Layne gets up she sets the day's order of service and we drink our tea, mine hot (Yorkshire Gold) hers cold (mango tea in a can which sounds an abomination to me) and after my Weetabix cereal we get to work and start organizing. Yesterday we went down to the van early and put stuff away in the cool of the morning then we repaired to the house upstairs and decided we have to live in orderly spaces so we put boxes away and tidied up the living room and the kitchen and the bedroom. That felt good.

Then Layne sat down and did paperwork and I kept my brain fresh by doing the New York Times crossword ($20 a year subscription). Rusty wandered in from his favorite hole in the front yard to sleep for a while on his bed.

He comes and goes freely with no fences or restraints and he lies down in the sun like a junkyard dog without a bed to his name. He loves gravel even though he can sleep on two beds, two couches or even our bed. Nope he lies in the dirt and snores while we work.
We stop for lunch and continue our streaming binge. One way we get through the stress of packing up a twenty year life is we pick a TV show and binge mercilessly. Currently its Justified on Hulu and we had forgotten how unmercifully violent the show is. Good lord.

A workout is reserved for those days when we have the energy followed by a swim in the canal followed by a happy dog ready to go for a walk.  He and I get in the car and drive out to the mangroves where I carry a camera and Rusty carries his energy from his day long sleep. This is Summerland Key at dusk heading into the sunset. 

The Mobil station is home to Dions fried chicken  in the convenience store. I know we are going to binge at least one more time. I may be too greasy after that to type a blog entry.

Kemp Channel Bridge connects Summerland to Cudjoe Key. There is not one single trip I make on the highway these days that the traffic  can hold the speed limit or God forbid five over. One thing  I am not going to miss is getting off Highway One which has become a mess over the past few years. There have been several serious accidents recently but every day its dicing with death. A slow driver causes back ups and people tailgate and get impatient and as much as I'd like to pass and escape frequently I'm jammed in the middle of the angry drivers and passing makes no sense so I pull over on the shoulder instead and let them pass by. Frankly I'm over it, people texting and not driving, speeding stupidly, not paying attention and driving erratically so I'm looking forward to taking back roads far from busy commutes and freeways in parts of the country where there is more than one road. I'll show you what I mean when we take to the road and leave the South behind and head for my first random destination: Texas Hill Country. Early December I hope. That will be frigid. This will get interesting.

Meanwhile we're packing and putting stuff in the trash and dropping generous tips to the garbage collectors who hump our overloaded trash cans out of sight. It's really not glamorous but I beg your indulgence, and we really will be traveling very soon. They shut down my work e-mail account yesterday so I really am out. Things are real but I have no regrets. I can't wait. That the first month will see us visiting assorted friends makes for a great start to an open ended road trip.