Saturday, April 8, 2017


I know this stuff isn't what the Keys are known for, back country views, when everyone is busy photographing the sun rising out of the ocean and scenic palms but this is what I get to see morning after morning, thanks to Rusty's need to meet each day as a journey of exploration.  
 We chase shadows down trails through the mangroves, stubby little trees with gnarled branches and unremarkable green and yellow leaves.
This is the flatland, no mountains, no valleys and winding rivers and majestic oak trees growing out of the salty rubble that passes for soil.
The photos don't do justice to the stillness and quiet of the tidal ponds at that hour beofre the breeze picks up. 
 We are alone my beady eyed buddy and I. 
I posted this picture on my Instagram account where I mentioned it put me in mind of southeast Asia, land of rice paddies and water, misty mornings and palms. Instead it's the hedgerow alongside the Overseas Highway.
 The light was so dim I could barely fudge a photo of Fat Albert hovering above us.
 It's the solitude that repairs my mind and prepares me for sleep after a night of answering 911 calls. 
 It has become such a habit that if I try to go direct to bed (Rusty permitting and he does some days when he is tried from the day before), I find I don't sleep well.

I'm not exactly John James Audubon but at least I don't kill them when I shoot them with my telephoto camera.