Friday, August 13, 2021

Storm Clouds

I had no expectations when we left the house Rusty and I as I could see the thunderheads and I could even hear the thunder so I fully expected Rusty to have no desire to go for a walk but he surprised me and so we took off and I wondered what I might see.

Another Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for the Keys as a storm formation of no great organization has been named Fred and is rolling up the Old Bahama Channel north of Cuba. I think Tropical Storm Elsa was a useful education and this time around there is less wigging out, so far, as we expect a bunch of rain and some strong-ish winds. They say gusts up to 50 miles an hour and some flooding where you might expect it. Beyond that its another damp weekend forecast for the Keys.

These clouds were just another common-or-garden summer thunderstorm and while Rusty chased his nose I got to enjoy the wind and clouds. Indeed the wind picked up and the leaves rustled and it was all lovely and dramatic and not even raining.

I have noticed over the years that the path of storm systems seems to get set early in the summer. This year unfortunately we are in the middle of the second storm following an almost identical course to the first of the year. That makes me wonder where a stronger middle of the hurricane season storm will go. 

If my theory is correct this could be a good year for the Yucatan and the Bahamas and a crappy year for us if we get a strong hurricane.

On the other hand wild speculation doesn't help and for now we have nothing much on the horizon. We are driving to the mainland this weekend as I have a few days off after a very long period of too much work. Of course our departure is now predicated by the weather. We loaded boxes of stuff we want to keep in the van last night before it rained.

The plan is to drop off the boxes of books and plates and china we want to keep in a second floor air conditioned storage locker near the Miami airport. My wife is keeping up her online yard sale on Facebook while at the same time she is re-arranging what is left to fill the gaps in the home decorations.  I rather enjoy the sparseness and simplicity of the pre-departure home.

My eye doctor said my eyes are good, my modest old age glaucoma hasn't increased and my prescription hasn't changed which is nice. My lenses are starting to craze a little and I'm planning on using my prescription to get some new lenses in Mexico this winter assuming we manage to get on the road early. The vaccine holdouts in dispatch aren't changing their minds and Fantasy Fest is a  go this year so to have my immune depressed wife in Key West this winter seems rather too risky when we have a better option already in the planning stages.

My skin doctor says I have the skin of a 40 year old for which I thank my Italian mother. I have exposed and over exposed myself to the sun over the decades but it seems the stories they tell of Mediterranean skin might have something to do with my good fortune. The older I get the more I appreciate my genetic good fortune. Even my tooth cleaner could see no issues in my mouth on my final visit. The last medical hurdle is a colonoscopy next month. I don't sense any problem there even though I am known for being full of shit. I have been taking psyllium for years ever since my doctor warned me about the horrors of colon illness. My wife says I need a clean bill of health in my gut before I hand in my notice. She is so drearily sensible.

It was time, it was getting dark, the road beckoned and before too long we were home, in our denuded house with enough time to eat dinner, lay out my uniform and get ready for another early start at work.