Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flaming Buoy

Phillip is leaving Key West after seven months and heading, in retirement, to a teaching job in the south of France. He says he will miss Key West.He might miss Cheyenne too. We took Phillip out to dinner at the Flaming Buoy around the corner from where he lived. A short walk and we were ordering their now famous lobster mac-and-cheese as a shared appetizer. I had previously ordered food from this place for delivery at work and that little dish had been a highlight. Phillip ordered a bottle of South African white and so it went. The main courses were for sharing so we piled them in the middle of the table and helped ourselves buffet style.
Blue cheese steak, perfect; tropical chicken curry, weak on the spicy curry flavor, nice fresh fruit but it needed more of the Asian exotic; the grilled fish was interesting but it tasted, oddly, more poached than grilled. My wife wanted it more spiced too ( she likes spices). Phillip was happy. We got a second bottle of chardonnay and my wife was the designated driver. The room was subdued and romantically suitable for a first date, not a last one.
We ordered two desserts, one preferred by me, flamingo vanilla ice cream on tropical grilled fruit. Excellent. Chocolate waffle with chocolate sauce and more vanilla ice cream. They liked that better than my tropical fruit.
We were picking through the puddings and closing the store. I liked the atmosphere of the place, more than when it was The Good Life at the same location on Packer Street.
We talked for quite a while, and I played with the stupid camera.
Phillip taught at the juvenile detention center on Stock Island, following in my wife's footsteps so they had lots to talk about. I played with the camera.
It was time and we hauled ourselves out onto the porch. there was this weird illuminated chair. I played with posed good naturedly like a little tin soldier.
We walked home to Phillip's place (for two more nights)to be greeted like long lost explorers by herself. Good bye Phillip. Enjoy the freedom fries.