Thursday, November 12, 2015

Havana Lane

Blame Garythe Tourist who wants more pictures of the quiet streets of Key West. This one is a block long between Truman Avenue and the cemetery. Last photographed in 2011.
It is the sort of quintessential Key West lane, brimming with bicycles, no room for cars you'd think, though local drivers ignore those sorts of fears.
My colleague JW has told me some stories about one side of his family that operates the plumbing business. Stories of customers forgetting not to flush on the heads o the hard working plumbers downstairs, stories of the dismal smells of failed plumbing, stories that convinced him a work life behind a computer might be more salubrious. 
Four years ago I remarked on a  rather nice little Yamaha parked on the lane. This year there is one of the new generation Harley Davidsons, the Street 500 which you might imagine ideal for buzzing around Key West and the Keys. I rode one in North Carolina earlier this year and I quite liked it. I like most motorcycles and even though this is lacking in personality a bit I think it's  quite practical. In the land of motorcycle exaggeration a practical motorcycle that doesn't set your hair on fire...may not be great.
A Key West style break room:
The habit of depositing unsightly trash is ever present. I usually stick my large trash on my little trailer and pay a visit to the dump for a modest fee. I'd rather do that than see this stuff outside my house moldering away every day.
Cheyenne found it intriguing, as she always does.
Old Florida louvers to allow air to circulate and keep the interior shady and dry when raining. I am fond of air conditioning but I like the look:
And then I found myself immersed in a  jungle. I wish I knew how to grow stuff like this. And keep it looking nice. It would be dead inside a week at my house.
Open to vehicular traffic: