Saturday, February 7, 2015

Circling The Cemetery

I have paid  quite a few photographic visits to the cemetery but really it's too easy to get lovely pictures here.  The cemetery is picturesque because the high water table requires people be buried above ground for the most part. The tradition here, like the better known but rather creepy New Orleans cemeteries is for the vaults to tell stories, to illustrate history, but unlike New Orleans, no sane person would ever tell you you are at risk of assault simply by wandering through this place.
On a walk through a couple of years ago I made a determined effort to hunt down the famous  burial plots in the  cemetery.
And from time to time I exercise my peculiar sense of humor by photographing these road signs on either side of the cemetery. The one above on Angela, the one below on Olivia. 
I like the cemetery because I like history, I don't fear ghosts and I enjoy the park like ambiance of the place.
 And I enjoy the photographic opportunities.
Rest in Peace.