Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bloody Sunset

It was an odd moment, Cheyenne and I were back at the car but the forty minute walk had clearly not been enough. She looked wistfully down the road, somewhere we never go as the roadside looks pretty dull to me compared to the woodland trail we had just visited. She looked at me and turned to stare down the road, obviously keen to see what was round the corner. What the hell, I thought, if she wants more time walking she might as well get it. It must be incredibly frustrating to be a dog and not get to satisfy your curiosity day after day just because you can't speak the language.
The sky had promised not too much at all in the way of a fiery sunset but suddenly as we stomped down the road together the sky went red. almost as though a switch had been thrown in the sky, turning the clouds from "hazy yellow" to "apocalypse red."
Cheyenne usually trundles along with her nose to the ground sniffing everything up like a vacuum cleaner, but this time she just wanted to stretch her legs. Very unlike her. It was not the best possible sunset viewing location, but it just happened to be where we were.And it went on and on and on. Looking back whence we had come it was just another early evening dusk. As we turned back to the car, Cheyenne finally agreeable to ending this "extra" walk,a couple of cars zoomed by their headlights feeble compared to the power of the setting sun. A meteor of sudden passing light. My own headlights were as the glow of a worm. My dog may not be able to speak but after years of not getting her way she knows how to make herself heard in her new life. Good job I know how to listen.