Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Practical Key West

If you want to know which party to attend tonight you have to check the Fantasy Fest website  but if you are living the normal life in Key West you will notice a few wintery touches in the streets where people live (fully clothed). Halloween is much celebrated and decorated, though Rusty isn't sure what to think of that. We were on Olivia Street yesterday around lunch time, circling the cemetery:
I wanted to spin this skeleton round but I feared unintended consequences so I contented my ghoulish self with views of blood spattered nightgown: 
This one used a palm for a hammock. Where many outdoor displays elsewhere show off skeletons in Key West where nudity is the theme this week, unfortunately, dressing up skeletons is a form of alternative commentary on the tourist craze that has become Fantasy Fest.
 Pirates of the Caribbean you might say, even if a bit past their prime.
And if you look closely through the foliage you may see real people doing ordinary things in regular clothes:
 And through some other foliage there are actual homes:
This week the weather is forecast to be absolutely perfect with no humidity, fresh cool north winds and blue skies. Time to throw open the doors and live outdoors!
 This really is how Key West, Johnson Lane in this case, looks under the bright white winter sun. 
Two friends chatting: sometimes it's easy to forget what a small town Key West really is, even with the influx of winter visitors who like to claim residence in a town they know for a few months of the year.
Rusty likes prowling the city as he finds lots to see and smell. I believe variety is important for dogs as much as humans and I enjoy walking him in different places every day. He seems to like it too.
 AA regular conch cottage on Windsor Lane:
 A conch cottage dolled up rather effectively to look like it belongs in the desert southwest:
Traffic is heavy in parts of town as more and more people pile into Key West for this weird carnival week. Next week they will all be gone until it starts snowing Up North:
Everything will take longer than it takes this week, and cost more than it costs. It takes practice to remember how to be practical Fantasy Fest week.