Thursday, April 26, 2012

Peacon Lane

This wasn't always called Peacon Lane, once known as Grunt Bone Alley.

This is quite the mural for an apparently ignored corner of this little alley between Caroline and Eaton Streets.

It's been around a while has the lane, because the former name is believed to be related to the Depression era diet of grunts and grits.

Grunts are small white fleshed fish, easy to eat if you can get past their numerous bones. In his book The Streets of Key West J. Wills Burke says the name likely came because this charming spot was probably a dumping ground for those numerous bones.

The poverty diet of grunts and grits kept people alive with fish protein and cornmeal. Nowadays some restaurants serve the same dish, slightly recast for modern wallets with polenta sometimes, shrimp or Parmesan cheese.

The original, like so much of Key West's history was rather drier and less flavored than the modern reincarnation.

The fish is known for making grunting sounds when speared and in it's death throes. I have killed them when out sailing, much to my regret, and I never heard them grunt. But what do I know. I prefer to buy my fish already dead, as I dislike eating creatures I had previously seen alive.

Richard Peacon according to Burke's book, was a big shot grocer once upon a time in Key West.

He also had the so-called Octagon House at 712 Eaton Street.

In 1980 Calvin Klein the fashion designer paid a million bucks for the house which is another claim to fame in our celebrity struck world.

And for the rest of us we have the colors of nature to keep us happy.

Lots of that in Key West.

And shady vegetation whose name as usual escape me.

Peacon Lane is a short walk full of history.

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