Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pet Masquerade

I was glad to donate some money to Lower Keys Friends of Animals, a group that helps strays and impoverished pet owners. Plus I've long wanted to check out this event at Casa Marina. Yesterday I made it and learned that neither Rusty nor I were cut out for the crowd.
It was quite the crowd too on the beach and I was not the only person to bring a non-competing dog...not at all. And lots of dog owners in one place fills the air with anxiety. I am of the school that thinks that dogs if left to themselves will find their own pecking order. The problem when they are leashed and restrained is that they feel protective expectations are in order. So they defend the person in the leash. Rusty felt surrounded and was not happy. I edged to the edit after we had saloon at the crowd...
...and the table laden with expectations. 
HonestLy it wasn't easy taking pictures but I took a few while keeping an eye on my little man. Here they are:
The dogs and owners generated intense interest: 
Poor guy got some love as we waited for a clear shot out the gate: 
Like so much about Fantasy Fest it's a good cause and in a week devoted to adult costuming it's nice to cater to kids and pets. I'm glad I went and can check this off my to-do list. 
Rusty preferred Duval Street. He's an adult dog after all.