Sunday, April 9, 2017

Season's End

My wife saw the writing on the wall last week and when she went to the Farmer's Market on Big PIne Key near our home it was shrunk down in preparation for the end of the winter season. So we came to Key West, had breakfast at Azur and very pleasant it was too.
 Poached eggs on potato hash with ham...
 ...and walked over to the last farmer's market of the winter.
Rusty was at home though when I saw other dogs I got my usual dose of K9 envy:
 This is a farmer's market by the sea...with a  dog bowl in this warm climate. 
 And my wife loves this man's pickles. I remember the roof over the parking lot protected cars for sale at the Cates Auto dealership. A long time ago.
 The Coastguard was having fun with a remote controlled boat puzzling the kids:
We repaired to the new brewpub behind the restaurant store. The Cuzzy Bubba was a light refreshing lager-like ale that we shared and thoroughly enjoyed.
It's a part time operation that sells through the Restaurant Store. I want to go back and try some of their other products as they aren't all hard core bitter IPA derivatives. Check out: Bone Island Brewing.
I was interested to see the Cole's Peace sign on the bread rack, another local business that was folded into the Restaurant Store. Cole's Peace was around forever it seemed like, since 1997 actually according to the archives, and I remember when the closure was announced and I wondered what would happen to the remarkable recipes. I used to eat mango bread straight from the brown paper bag like cake, when I was on my way to my boat captain job and I needed/wanted breakfast to go. And here it is, still here, the name of the business celebrating the baker's son who must be college by now?