Saturday, April 10, 2010

Southernmost Rambling

There is an abbreviation in use in Miami to designate South Beach and the letters SOBE are also used by the South Beach Beverage Company in New England which uses a pair of geckos for a logo. Charming I'm sure. Imitation is supposed to be a form of flattery and an ongoing effort to attract more tourists to Upper Duval an artist-owned gallery has adopted a similar abbreviation. They call it SODU- South Duval- which if you view it with another eye has unfortunate connotations. Sod You is not a polite greeting in Merrie Olde Englande. Not at all.I like Upper Duval where frenzy is a foreign concept, but I don't suppose calling it UpDu would ring with quite the same tinkle as Sod-U. Oh well. This, you may be surprised to learn, is a Crime Watch Area.I was thinking perhaps a Rescue Watch Area might be more useful if people are going to stress themselves out getting somewhere in the heat. He knew his limits and disappeared in a flurry of slapping sneakers down Eisenhower Drive:Want waterfront? $1,850,000 for three bedrooms. Great Depression anyone? Keys unemployment is reported at 8% which would make anyone in Flint Michigan wince, I'm sure. I got artistic for a second when I saw these ficus creepers drooping. Walking into them in the dark might be interesting. This angelic little kid had a streak of the devil in him. Every time I opened the shutter he looked away. I was feeling that perhaps being carried to a neighbor's house might not be a bad way to go. It was getting warm out there.On an unrelated note I saw this playground cleverly wedged into a tiny strip of yard, Key West style. It is possible to live a fulfilling life in a small space. More stuff for sale, not cheap no doubt but you do get a nice porch.
Louvered windows at the Unitarian Church.
I have absolutely no idea what these things are:When that tree blossoms (it's across the street from Jose's Cantina on White Street) it produces these astonishing loo brushes in addition to the rather odd nuts shown above.On a less ethereal plane I wondered what the view might be like from up there, across the roofs and through the trees:Down here stimulus money is rebuilding our infrastructure. Naturally curmudgeons take the time to bitch as though their turds and drinking water go and come by magic, not by hard work and investment. Better hope this work lasts a while because public funds might be spent paying off debt for a long time to come. Apparently all these holes are intended to improve storm water drainage, and I hope they do their jobs in the coming summer rains.I love these ventilators spinning silently doing their job as though without effort. Sea grapes changing color. I am looking forward to fighting the birds for a bumper crop this summer. If you see large waxy leaves surrounded by bunches of ripe purple berries try them. They have a large pit in the middle unlike normal grapes but they taste like mild concord grapes. Fat chance! Now that would be socialism. This bicycle parked in front of house is an example of sensible capitalism. A strong lock makes for good neighbors.I collected a lot of random pictures while my Internet box was broken. I think I'm almost done with the backlog.