Sunday, October 25, 2020

Put Out More Flags

Mallory Square in a fresh breeze and the flag, properly illuminated at five in the morning, over the memorial to the USS Maine, blown up in Havana in 1898.
Mallory Square Key West
Rusty, no devotee of history and thus ignorant of Key West's role in the Spanish American War, is nevertheless quite fond of the open space at the waterfront.
Florida Keys
Remind me if I have ever noticed these masks over the door at the Waterfront Playhouse because I didn't remember them, Tragedy and Comedy. 
Key West
More flags visible from in front of the theater, these at the top of the Historum Tower. 
Mallory Square, Florida Keys
Not exactly a flag this one but a sort of flag for the changes being made downtown as a long time success story closes shop and goes up for rent on Front Street.
Florida Keys
The Harbor House always looks good at night, all brick and wrought iron:
Florida Keys
Front Street below, showing off a trio of flags at the Conch Train Depot. The red cross (saltire) of Florida, the blue Conch Republic flag and over them the stars and stripes.
Key West
I liked the little blue sign, new to me, pointing the way to Simonton Beach which now has a well established business where the public toilets used to be. In the wake of such innovation signs are springing up.
Ocean Key Resort
The first resort of them all from whose inspiration the other waterfront behemoths grew:
Key West
Put out more flags indeed as we find our way forward in a new economy and a new way of doing things in our little tourist town.