Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Fungus and Stuff

I really enjoy seeing the difference when I travel. Living in the Keys means you get used to one season all year round , and I like it, but when I go north get to see the effects of seasons.  I was looking forward to seeing my sister in law’s place in the North Carolina mountains in summer.

I loved the green but I suddenly noticed we were living in a green tunnel.  In the Fall when brown leaves are tumbling one gets a view through the trunks and in the distance Mount Mitchell And Mount Celo are a presence on the horizon. Right now Celo is locked in by green leaves:

It’s not terrible but it is different. At home the mangroves look the same year round,in winter it may be cooler and drier but the scenery doesn’t change! Up here...all change. 

Every afternoon or night we were there it rained.  Heavy rain.  It pounded the tin roof of the house like hail on a tent.   It was very snug lying in bed listening to it. 

I expected the rain to be a shower not a daily full on storm but the woods were reeling with moisture. Then the sun came out. 

It was a mushroom paradise. 

And ferns. 

I found ancient wooden mushrooms growing off trees:

Everything looked gnarly! 

I couldn’t step anywhere in the woods without seeing these lovely pink buttons. 

Primeval rocks exposed by constant rain 

The house itself seemed ready to be consumed by the reeling wet forest. Not at all like the Keys.