Friday, May 26, 2017

Signs Of Life

This used to be a camera shop and now it sells smoking paraphernalia, to smoke what precisely I'm not sure. The people of Florida voted overwhelmingly to approve Medical Marijuana but the part-time state legislature hasn't moved on it yet. Bit too modern for the fuddy-duddies in Tallahassee I suspect. In case you need a pick-me-up they sell beer. Mind you everyone in Key West sells beer. All the time it seems, and these guys don't want to be left out. The camera shop never sold beer, as far as I know. 
 Selling beer is not always to everyone's benefit.
This one caught my eye: an art gallery moonlighting as a real estate office. Of all the weirdness I've seen in Key West this is a first.
There was once a street between Fleming and Southard known in Spanish as chicken alley and if this decorative sign is to be believed the chicken was drunk. Nowadays the street is known less colorfully as Bahama Street.
This sign I caught before dawn when the night sky was as black as a piece of velvet. The glass bottom boat is at the north end of Duval so there was no light pollution behind the sign.
This one is a sad one because this is a very small town. I did not know the victim well enough to talk to her but she worked at my dentist's office and when finished she apparently came here to walk Smathers Beach. One day an impaired river under the influence it is alleged drove onto the sidewalk and killed the 49 year old dental hygienist out for a stroll.
Things happen for no reason despite what we try to tell ourselves. Then a pigeon lands on a sign at Mallory Square and so one gets back into the swing of things and ponders the birds choice of perch.