Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Key Plaza Creperie

Key West needs more restaurants! Not really but eating out is a regional sport around here and entrepreneurs always think their best idea will catch on so let there be no surprise there is a new eatery in Key Plaza, next to the well established local Big John's Pizza. The Key Plaza Creperie is a different kind of place altogether.
Whe. We walked in we got that slight Alice Through The Lookinglass feel of having entered another world, a place of 1960s piped music, soft lighting and absolutely NO Televisions! This is dining for adults in the middle of New Town, three miles from Duval and eminently worth the scooter ride, even for adventurous tourists among us.
I had to go to work so alcohol was off though they had what looked to be an interesting and unusual selection of Russian beers. Next time....meanwhile we shared a cheese plate and look at the presentation.
Where was the red wine we hadn't ordered? Salty feta, smooth manchego and soft waxy Gouda with shaved almonds, crumbled pecans and cranberries and a sweet salty dipping sauce. The waiter timed it just right and have us a decent pause before showing up with two bowls of bow tie pasta (known as little butterflies in Italian farfalline).
My wife had heard about the pasta actually handmade on the premises and she had her mind on that even before we arrived. So I passed up their crepe and sandwich menu and joined her on the pasta order. I had plain tomato and garlic while my wife had the salmon pasta. We also got three bowls of almond flour, sweet breadcrumbs and Parmesan.
I tasted my wife's dish and couldn't stop going back for more nibbles. Salmon on pasta sounds odd though my Roman cousin in an effort to sophisticate me introduced me years ago to caviar pasta, one of the world's great mixed blessings. This was less salty, less fishy and altogether perfect. Next time... A note for people who think Italian noodles should flow rubber-like as water winding softly along a rocky stream bed, because these noodles are hard and almost crunchy and filled with texture, as Italinas eat them.
In Key West one spends a lot of time hoping good restaurants last through the summer, and this place has been building word of mouth this summer, so among locals it's noted as not cheap but not pricy and good value for the money. Their creeps are said to be remarkable. And if you are a vegetarian this place offers real alternatives to the roast vegetable plate of those chefs lacking imagination as they seem quite flexible with their ingredients. Key Plaza Creperie - Restaurant in Key West, FL also has a fabulously sensible web page which incorporates everything you need right on the front page, location and hours with other pages available including a look at the menu.
Because I had to work and couldn't have my sugar in liquid form I struck out boldly and ordered a Napoleon for pudding but they were out, to my wife' see lied. Strange woman isn't fond of layers of pastry and custard two of the essential food groups but she liked the cannoli alternative whose crisp outside with spots of honey belied the soft not too sweet inside.
Yup. I think we'll be back.