Saturday, March 13, 2021


I enjoy photographing clouds over the Florida Keys. They make up for the absence of mountains and valleys and lakes and rivers and other geographic features.
Usually I get to enjoy these huge piles of humidity in the summer months, the rainy season, but this winter has offered a large crop of cumulus from time to time.
Walking Rusty at the golden hour before sunset can yield amazing views of black horizons, mangroves in the shade and a sky filled with purples and pinks and in this case golden yellow, the color syrup.
I enjoy painting origami with my camera, folding leaves on spindly branches silhouetted by the dying sunlight.

Here I looked overhead and caught the blue directly above me. I do a lot of looking up when I am under clouds or in city streets.

 These pictures below I took on Blimp Road one overcast evening. 
I'm looking forward to enjoying daylight saving time now and having more daylight in the evening to walk Rusty after I get home at 6:30. I'll relieve my wife of that duty and enjoy more time with my dog.

I caught Fat Albert as the blimp hung among the scudding clouds, so it looked like the stationary observation platform really were flying along.
What a lovely evening we had together Rusty and I, him down sniffing me up staring.