Tuesday, November 20, 2012

West Summerland Key

I like walking my dog up here on the heights of West Summerland Key as its the only more-or-less natural spot from which one can look down on the water. I was playing idly with my phone until at some point I realised I had a series of not too bad pictures. With my telephone!
Cheyenne was busy ignoring me and my Android looking for unconsidered trifles deposited by eager anglers who come here to spend the night fishing.
The phone does a remarkable job with very little effort on my part. The pictures make a nice pocket back up for my "proper pocket camera.
I resisted getting an intelligent phone for a long time as I always felt and feel that to some degree a pocket tool with a locating device embedded is a rather unpleasant tool to be carrying on one's person. I wonder if in the future our phones won't be sending surreptious messages up to the drones overhead that will be keeping a friendly eye out for us.

The Phone's Achilles Heel lies in the digital zoom. As ou can see in the picture below fuzziness rules! Which is a relief, knowing this gadget isn't perfect.
But a panoramic afternoon view looked quite nice.
I am amazed by modern phones. The tiny little box calls people, texts people, takes photos and sends photos to people. It has a flashlight which blinks like a lighthouse o shines like a star. It shows movies and reads newspapers from around the world. My phone is a calendar, a secretarial note taker and an alarm clock. It slices and dices and serves up my life on a platter. I am put in mind of a quotation by Stanton Delaplane the nattily dressed columnist of the pre-Internet San Francisco Chronicle who popularized Irish coffee in the US. He once remarked, early in the electronic era, "The computer is down. I hope it's serious." I used to feel that way but...now perhaps I don't. I move with the times. And take pictures with them too, sometimes.