Saturday, February 28, 2015

Home In The Sun

Yesterday I rejoiced in being home with my Labrador. It was a lovely sunny afternoon so Cheyenne and I went out to rest together in the stubby grass at a park close by home. A far cry from the 400 mile motorcycle earlier in the week, much enjoyed and well remembered.
The sun was out, the sky was cloudless and blue and everything resembled nothing quite so much as the perfect summer day in a temperate climate. Summer vacations when I was a kid looked like this in Italy and I spent every waking hour out and about. I looked like a peculiarly round faced child with a straw hat according to the picture. My buddy Diego, in the background was unimpressed.
Except now I am an old man with a Labrador, no longer a child running loose. I get to sit and contemplate and my dog does the same.. I was contemplating how I didn't hurt after a 400 mile day, including rain and darkness on the road. Perhaps I am not so old after all...
But time passes for us all, even my youthful Cheyenne who some days likes to walk less and sit more.
After all one doesn't have to go on long motorcycle rides every day, but a good dog deserves two decent outings every day. And Cheyenne is very good.


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