Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Dog And Other Wildlife

I used this picture in this morning's essay on the park behind Baby's Coffee on Highway One. I like Cheyenne's pose, not least because she never sits smartly for me when I have a treat, like she did for this stranger, but also because it is classic Labrador.

Like I said she never sits obediently for me. She knows I'm a soft touch and all she has to do is look at me with her liquid brown eyes.

Wildlife on the other hand mistrusts me and prefers to step delicately away.

It's this delicacy of poise that attracts me to Florida's native waders over the rambunctious and messy and noisy imported chickens. Labradors are perfect anywhere.

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Baby's Coffee

I was ambling with Cheyenne when I saw this blob and I had to trot back to the car to get my camera. These things are everywhere and if you search Facebook for Key West Blob there is apparently an explanation.

Call me eccentric but I prefer not to know so I just note them in passing and keep on keeping on. My wife was inside Baby's Coffee buying us an afternoon pick-me-up so I had Cheyenne to myself for a few minutes.

The coffee shop is at Mile Marker 15, whence they moved after starting out life in downtown Key West at the KW Peppers building if I remember correctly.

Then they moved the roasting operation to the mainland to save money and took the retail store to Bay Point.

Which island has it turns out a nice chunk of Monroe County open space behind the coffee shop.

The Lower Keys Shuttle between Key West and Marathon has a stop here, seen above. Below, my dog decided this was where we would have our coffee:

In the company of some locals resting comfortably in the grass.

Soon enough my wife appeared with the coffee and we watched the clouds scud overhead while I listened to my wife's latest tale of woe from the horribly administered school district. I am hoping the idiot Superintendent gets his marching orders before he ruins local schools completely. He is under qualified, inexperienced and as a result has a very inflated ego and a total lack of self confidence. And he hates strong women which puts my wife at risk.

A passing dog walker very kindly offered Cheyenne a treat which made her the poor woman's best friend for life.

Jeez Cheyenne! It's just a cookie!

It's a fine spot behind Baby's. The best place to stop and enjoy coffee on a lovely Keys afternoon.

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