Sunday, February 7, 2010

Military Might

A funny thing is happening in the military; prejudice is being swept away by an Admiral who came out of the closet in testimony to Congress. Admiral Mullen the top military leader in the United States and he announced quite calmly that it's time for gays to serve openly. he also pointed out that he has indeed served with gays since 1968 making it clear the whole don't ask don't tell nonsense is stupid and pointless. It was of course the result of the other spineless Democrat President Bill Clinton who, like President Obama, couldn't sign a morally justified executive order to save his life.

President Truman signed an executive order to allow blacks to serve openly and alongside white personnel but only after World War Two was over and blacks had been ritually humiliated during that conflict. Slowly, slowly the US is edging towards proper civil rights acknowledgements for gays and it seems, once again, the military is going to show the way. There is still plenty of bigotry to be overcome but by an dlarge it is not socially acceptable these days to hate gays for being gay.

I grew up pretty bigoted against gays, I knew no better and went along with the nasty juvenile practice of insulting those who are different. I look back with disgust on many aspects of my childhood which no doubt reinforces my desire never to have children. However in adulthood I found myself surrounded by poofs and benders and shirt lifters and wonder of wonders they were just like me. Except I liked women. Millions of straight people have discovered the same irrefutable truth and finally we seem to have reached the stage where prejudice against gays is no longer cool.

Perhaps it is a function of a younger generation learning to come to terms with gays in their midst, a path opened up by the suffering and misery of the older generation breaking down the prejudice. Perhaps the weight of history which has been pushing us all to accept gays as equal members of society has finally broken down the last reserves. Perhaps this is one good thing to come from the election of a mealy, feeble Democrat for president. It will take time but gay marriage will be next, it is inevitable and of course the delicious prejudice of religious bias will keep gays fro m getting married in most churches but they will sooner or later get to marry in law and they can make their own religious superstitions if they like.

One thing would be nice though; when the breakthrough comes and gay civil rights are enshrined, with pockets of bigotry of course, it would be nice if gays would embrace the next civil rights battle and not do what blacks have done through their churches. Which has been the unedifying spectacle of seeing blacks squirm and reject gay civil rights on the grounds that gays choose their lifestyle and blacks are made that way. Once again I find a reason to despise people, en masse when they behave that way. I would like to imagine that gays will not follow suit. That would be a brave new world indeed, sand I wonder what group civil rights struggle that might be. because we know there will always be one.


It has been brought to my attention that this is in fact Superbowl Sunday, a date that will live on in indifference in my life. I have the usual nauseous reactions to thinking about a nation of couch potatoes watching overpaid gladiators, who instead of trying to kill each other like gentlemen, earn their pay by running around chasing a pigskin. And to make it all worse spectating men talk about sports as an avoidance mechanism to slow the spread of conscious political thought. Imagine that, out of fear of causing offense (no, really) men will talk about Superbowls and avoid thinking about how to actually erase the Federal Budget Deficit. Well, I am not one of them, so instead I shall start out by talking about women's underwear.

I cannot, for the life of me, explain the flourishing growth in discarded women's underwear around the Lower Keys:Living with a dog that actively enjoys exploring absolutely positively everywhere, means that any side street, any path is fair game. Cheyenne is seen here snaking along a tiny little path that meanders close beneath Highway One, which runs at the top of the embankment:A little further on the trail came to the water's edge, which is pretty much the fate of all trails be they ever so short in the Keys. Land simply runs out and a weed-covered foreshore suddenly appears.A windy, bright winter's day brings white caps into the channels between the islands and also that wind seems to bring into sight a group of pelicans huddling in the wind on a sand bar. In the photo above you can see the whitecaps and the buffaloes running on the horizon which indicates an even windier day out in Big Spanish Channel. Overhead turkey vultures were soaring and looking graceful. Waiting for us to expire perhaps, or at least to become too weak to fight back.Cheyenne and I were laid out in the sun and shade reflecting on....the meaning of life, or the worth of a walk? The vultures swooped overhead as though checking our vital signs. Cheyenne stayed alert to fend them off: The sun pounded down on us as we rested from the effort of our brief stroll. It was a peaceful moment, close to Highway One, indicated by engine noises on the embankment above, but far from any other signs of human activity:It was a moment snatched from the promise of a busy week. Doing nothing very much at all. Me and my dog ignoring the world around us and drifting off into a doze.Sometimes it's necessary to be a human being and not a human doing.