Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring, Keys Style

I read how folks Up North are stepping out of their winter caves and breathing the fresh clean air of a new season. They admire such long forgotten delicacies as sunshine, sprouting buds and ice- free lakes.

Down here the mangroves continue to look green, the sky looks blue and the clouds a puffy white chugging overhead pushed by the cool crisp breezes typical of Spring in the subtropics. Gambusia fish are no longer used in trenches to fight mosquitoes, and as you can see this one on Ramrod Key is still full of water And mud even though we are at the end of the dry season. I guess these things worked in their way.

Cheyenne wouldn't mind a bit of northern cold but afternoon highs around 90 degrees take the energy out of a girl. I'm good with a crisp dry winter and a hot steamy summer. Remember my disdain for seasons in the next ice storm

Hurricane season is next, starting June First technically. Being season-free doesn't mean everything is perfect, just not cold and not being cold is a Good Thing. And I stand ready to disagree with my dog on that point.