Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Duval And Front

Tourism in the Keys, what a thing of beauty! I enjoy history and I recommend taking the 90 minute Conch Train tour to get a condensed view of the history of this town, and there is a bit of history as the town  is approaching the 200 year mark.
Sloppy Joe's is where everyone goes for bar food, music, drinks and t-shirts which give visitors the right to say they were there. It's not my kind of place but Key West would have gone bankrupt a long time ago paying attention to my whims.
Souvenir stalls are everywhere selling what the English call tat but which I find very useful as little thank you gifts when I travel. A tatse of the Conch Republic...
Mallory Square is in the news as the city commission is gearing up to rebuild the ship dock off the square. It's designed to accommodate smaller cruise ships and it won't be enlarged because there isn't room. But it will be opened to the public after it's done.
I like that idea. the current pier is fenced off as it is considered a hazard when ships aren't docked there. The new will allow people, even I dare say people with cameras, to step on the new dock. I might have to come back to check it out...
I was interested in the buildings that were decomposing and are now being rebuilt on the southern side of Mallory Square.  What the shirtless man was doing I couldn't say. He seemed harmless which is as mush as you can ask these days.
I checked out a group of people limin' in a most unAmerican way., more like European villagers if you ask me. I found them quite charming, a reminder to slow down. So I kept walking of course.
The Mallory Square observer. I wonder if she enjoyed watching the space as much as I did on my lunch break?
The city commission is apparently finding enlightenment on the sore subject of electric bikes. The newspaper says the city will allow electric bikes to travel as pedal bikes. In a town overwhelmed with cars helping alternatives to flourish seems sensible to me. There are always the detractors who complain about some poor riding techniques and doubtless the debate will continue long past my departure. And no we aren't hauling bicycles, kayaks or paraphernalia of similar sorts around with us on our van. We shall rent locally as the mood strikes us.
I am surprised how strong the scooter market remains in Key West. I would have thought electric bikes would be popular but I suspect someone needs to create a strong simple durable electric bike at a bargain price to break into the rental market. 
Summer is here, bright lights, strong shadows and lots of people. The virus is fast becoming a  memory, an unpleasant one at that.