Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dog Day

Dog Beach is a one block square of sand where dogs can be off leash in the city. You can also go off leash between the West Martello Tower and White Street Pier, but this little spot is more picturesque. I let Rusty run loose in far more open and interesting places than this.
I meant to take a picture of the veranda in this building which belongs to Casa Marina Resort but I accidentally got the spikes on the gate. Upon reflection I rather liked the threat they implied so I didn't have another go. I like to check my pictures as I go, editing for clarity or discarding pictures I don't like. It makes the posting decisions later so much easier and quicker. Which makes one essay a day possible, even in the dog days of summer.
I read a comment on Facebook about how Key West  felt less gay friendly to a visitor who got gruff comments from bar tenders, wait staff and cab drivers and I wondered about that. After all that is a provocative comment for a town that still tried to pride itself on being open to all and so forth and perhaps a couple of unhappy people gave that long time gay visitor a bad impression. Or perhaps it's true.
I have spoken to younger gay visitors  disappointed by the elderly nature of the gay scene in Key West, a town not affordable to young people of all stripes. Besides these days there are tons of communities welcoming to gays and those that aren't are now in a minority who sit on the wrong side of history. 
There's not much free stuff worth having in Key West so money is always a source of stress and the uncomfortable feeling of living in the edge gets to some people too, so I am inclined to attribute public bad manners to that more than anti-gay feeling. But I'm not gay so perhaps things are changing. 
I saw a car neatly parked more or less in the lines...except they were yellow, easily mistaken I suppose in the dark. I hope s/he didn't get a ticket. Below I noticed (as Rusty inhaled, at some great length a few deep seated scents) that the city is proposing to create a new sign ordinance. If it is true perhaps it's a small step to beautifying Old Town a little which would be nice. But as always changes comes as a threat.
The casual rider looked at his ease but his shouted telephone conversation revealed another story. He was actually speaking to the owner of  the motorcycle as he waited for the man, the "Dude!" to show up. Far from being at his ease he said he had tried to roll the beast and he found it far too heavy. How, he wondered, does his friend roll the bike around? what a good question; get a scooter!
Rusty is enjoying city walks more these days. When I first got him six months ago he jumped at every noise and was constantly looking over his shoulder. Six months off the streets and he has become much more confident and walks nicely on a leash. 
And then he goes home and sleeps.