Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leafy Carsten Lane

When I need to walk and think I come to the little winding
paved road between William and Margaret Streets.

This was the first lane I "discovered" in Key West years ago.

I still like it as much as ever and I bring visitors here for a quick taste of what back street Old Town looks like.

My wife, the alternative education teacher, wears a star fish pendant as a reminder of the story about the guy walking the beach at low tide tossing the suffocating star fish back into the water. "What difference is that gesture going to make on a beach filled with suffocating star fish?" asks a passing skeptic.

"It made a difference to that one," replies the young man tossing another star fish back into the water where it can breathe. My wife tries to teach one failing child at a time despite the administration's hostility.

The school district is suffocating for lack of money under crappy self serving leadership. Teachers and students don't have money or leadership and the parents refuse to lead the charge to raise money for the schools. No one in charge supports throwing any star fish back in the water around here.

Under the current administration even a three dollar per parcel tax increase for the schools seems like throwing good money after bad. Three dollars wouldn't go very far in helping refurbish this wreck:

But somebody has seen fit to invest the money in the collapsing old structure that has been moldering away here for a while.

The other moldering bold structure around here is now hiding behind a new and fully formed hedge.

The Harris School is still available for development or rent or something, one gets the feeling for anything at this point. The city has given up the idea of putting the new city hall here.

But back to the matter in hand. This is quiet leafy Carsten Lane where it takes a wild (for Florida) curve:

Leafy shady lane.

Little wonder I like this little street. Look at it.

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