Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cheyenne Travelling

My wife has gone on a road trip for a few days, which is fine; she has a friend's birthday to celebrate in Alabama and I have to work so that's that. The worst of it is I am at home for five days without Cheyenne, seen here having dinner without me in a rest area near Fort Pierce. My wife said Cheyenne got very frisky and happy in temperatures below forty degrees.
As odd as it may sound I am not looking forward to five days without Cheyenne. While its true I shan't have to go for walks before going to bed in the morning, and while it's also true I shall get to go to the movies (Hitchcock this afternoon) without having to face down the baleful eyed stare of an unhappy Labrador being forced to stay at home, her company makes up for the extra work. I do not enjoy coming home to an empty house, or trying to sleep without the comforting snore of Cheyenne stretched out on the floor next to my bed, as she refuses to actually sleep on the bed next to me for some reason. Se likes sleeping on the floor, seen here at the La Quinta in Gainesville without me.
I like to think she misses me but the photographic evidence on her travel pillow suggests she is doing fine on the road without me.
I think there was a good reason why I agreed to let her go on a trip without me, but I'm damned if I can remember what it was.

Public Time Keeper

I was delighted to notice as I rode into town on North Roosevelt Boulevard that there is now a clock posted on a strategic spot about five minutes from my work place. My wife and I meet at the Courtyard by Marriott from time to time for coffee. They have a Starbucks outlet and comfortable indoor or outdoor seating and it's not crowded, not what might be described as a cool "local's hang out" but it is a great spot to know about.
When I pulled up there on Wednesday I noticed the illuminated clock underneath the hotel sign, with no just the time but the date too. My cup floweth over! It has occurred to me that the proliferation of time keeping devices, accurate to carbon dated atomic precision has obviated the historic need for public time keeping. Nowadays any car and many motorcycle instrument clusters include clocks and it is true I like to add a digital timepiece to any old fashioned motorcycle in my life tha doesn't come equipped with a clock. But the public affirmation of The Time is a cool thing in my opinion.
The clock tower at Old City Hall on Greene Street does the same thing and did it in an era when keeping track of the time was an expensive and necessary thing. A clock tower was genuinely useful, and frequently beautiful too. granted the hotel digital display isn't necessarily beautiful but I will give it a glance when I go past Kennedy Drive to make sure I will be getting to work on time. It's a quality of life thing for anal compulsives like myself.