Sunday, December 18, 2011


Robert and Dolly had to go out of town so I have been over to their home to water the plants of which they have a number and all flourishing.

They live in a subdivision with grass so while I was at work Cheyenne took the opportunity to lay in it and really enjoy a rare treat.

I am not hugely fond of lawns as they take quite a lot of work to keep up and the small patch of lawn I built in a box for Cheyenne to lie on suffers from my lack of attention so it is not as cool and abundant as this when Cheyenne stretches out on it at home.

So she sat there and enjoyed the afternoon and after I finished watering we sat together for a while and watched absolutely nothing happen in this sleepy suburb.

It was quote pastoral what with the trees and the canal that could have passed for a lake.

Just another summer afternoon in the Lower Keys in December.

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There is a tortured quality to the trees in these back country open spaces.

There isn't much soil, there is a lot of salt in the air and the winds blow most of the time.

There is no build-able wood in these trees, and no fresh water except caught rainwater so in the bad old days life in these islands was rather spare. In fact until the railroad breezed through most of the Keys were uninhabited.

For those reasons I have always doubted pirates hung out here quite aside from the fact there is no history recorded that any of the ever did live here.

But these pathetic stumps of trees make f good pictures if one is of a mind to take the picture.

I went all Clyde Butcher and Ansel Adams at one point even though all I did was switch to black and white mode to change the mood.

With a little splash of color to highlight the deer ate struggle of the bromeliad to stay alive.

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The Birds Of Searstown

I was slumped behind the wheel of the car waiting for my wife to finish buying a pair of wooly shoes for her upcoming trip to California. I am not going to Santa Cruz to freeze next week so I had nothing I needed to buy.

Cheyenne was snoozing on the back seat and I was just about ready to regret waiting in the car when a flock of seagulls swooped down and settled on a pile of something disgusting in the parking lot. It was of course a moment that put me in mind of the more famous birds from the movie. Perhaps it was popcorn they had found on the ground...

The came, they went, a new group re-grouped and there was more flapping of wings. I watched as I waited and still my wife didn't show up. Searstown was bird heaven or hell I couldn't tell which.

"Sorry it took so long," my wife said when she brandished her wooly prize under my nose. "It was a Conch moment. I got stuck behind an employee returning an item and she gave all of us a long loud overview of working conditions at Sears." It's the sort of thing we incomers are supposed to take pleasure in, trying to prove we aren't in a mainland rush. "Not to worry," I replied. "I was bird watching," and got a quizzical look from my skeptical wife who knows our feathered friends hold little interest for me. Had I said 'motorcycle watching' she'd have believed me.

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Virginia Street

The perpetual plea in Key West, in one form or another: "No Parking."

The fiction is growing on me that the chicken population is expanding like particles from a big bang theory. Park your car and return to find a chicken coop.

A nice house that survived hurricane season and will soon lose the shutters no doubt.

Sidewalk parking is illegal. Sort of. Or frowned upon at the very least. I just walked around the parked cars, no problem mon. Perhaps I should have dialed 9-1-1.

Sidewalk scrounging is a sport for my dog. This treasure trove merited two dives by my hungry Labrador.

A living fence.

I have not yet got a response when I ask a shrimp on my plate where it's from. They call them Key West pinks so one assumes...

From Canada we get the Zenn, zero emissions no noise car.

And not from Cuba we get cigars.

Caribbean tobacco is anything but Cuban and there's no sign the embargo is folding, so Cuban cigars will have to remain as illegal as heroin. Weird.

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Things That Grow

It's bloom time in Key West.

I liked how this bicycle got absorbed into the vegetation.

I have no idea who or why these coconuts, sold for their water, were dumped here on Julia Street. It makes me laugh how people pay five bucks to drink a coconut it with a straw. I have more nuts than I can handle, from my afire trees and ay readers who want a taste can ask e for free when they are in town. Find your own straws.

I think this formerly living tree was sculpted into a dock post or some such considering it's rounded end. And here it lies half submerged and forgotten.

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