Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Waterfront Morning

Early mornings have been delightful lately and walking Rusty has been a pleasure. Going downtown to enjoy a cool breeze and a sunrise has been very worthwhile.
The talk of building parking garages downtown near the waterfront has galvanized opposition in town but as far as I can tell there is no way around hem. No one is ready to give up driving even though lots of people agree Key West could use fewer cars...
Schooner Wharf Bar at my favorite time of day, before they open:
Walking the boardwalk around the docks...this is where the tourists come and if they could park six hundred cars within two blocks of this spot they'd be delighted. There has been a campaign locally for a "car free Key West" to promote cycling. Listening to my millennial colleagues talk about it they think its crazy. That's nor promising.
Better car pooling and better bus service would help they say. One suggested building parking on Stock Island and shuttling tourists downtown. 
I saw this sign about diving off the cosk and was reminded of a recent case where a drunk tourist dived off such a dock at a resort and broke his neck. he got an eleven million dollar settlement. 
Living at anchor: