Thursday, March 25, 2010

Watson Street

This window high above Watson Street, just off Truman Avenue, looked like it was covered by marine canvas. I thought it was not only unusual, but clever. I have never translated my sailing experiences so neatly to landlubber use.This is a more conventional window cover in the Southernmost City: Truman used to be called Division Street because it divided Old Town, the inhabited part of Key West, from the Outer Darkness of the rest of the island. Nowadays Truman divides the touristy part of Old Town, around the cemetery, from the residential part of Old Town that tourists tend to see a lot less of, Packer and Watson and Grinnell Streets among others. El Siboney the famous Cuban Restaurant lurks in this part of town (on Catherine Street) and tourists view it as "hard to find."Off street parking is available, if you are looking to park a scooter and not block a driveway. And here is a view of just how close houses are set in Old Town. I always ask people who think they want to settle in Key West if they could get used to living this close to their neighbors, European style:
I love cactus and admire anyone who can grow one this big: A Key West garret purpose built you'd think for the artist lurking within each of us. Run away (with a lot of money) and write the great American novel up here: Or own a nice multi apartment rental:
Classic Conch home in cement and tropical shades: Guess who she just spotted:
This home is for sale. You could be here, on your porch admiring your scooter and wondering why that dog walker is twisting around so much with his camera and leash.Perhaps you'd prefer a two storey home and a Jeep in the driveway. Another fantasy Key West home, not for sale as far as I could tell.Another Jeep on the street boasted this wheel cover. Party till you die perhaps?
Cheyenne liked the shade of the wall. This picture is dog height for those that need to know what Key West looks like to ankle biters.
Bougainvillea at human height (5 ft 6ins or 168 cms).
Check the light pole to see where you are:
The family that jogs together runs and shouts together. She was yelling out "M'Bubba!" at the baby to reassure it that it has a place in Key West I guess. It all seemed terribly energetic and healthful. We lumbered on aimlessly, shamed by their forceful sense of purpose.
This used to be a dilapidated building describing itself as Wesleyan Holiness but now it is smart and refurbished and is home to Key West Unity. A friend of my wife is a member and when pressed she advised me one pretty much gets to believe what one wants at this church. Sounds unsuitable for one like me who has an opinion about anything and everything. I would make a terrible nuisance of myself in their heaven. The building looks lovely and and crisp and clean. I'm glad the Unity people saved it from premature decomposition. We should all be so lucky.