Saturday, February 29, 2020

Head In A Box

I suppose a discount can't fail to pull in customers can it? Even when the purchase involves a disembodied head in a case? Seen on Fleming Street.
"We're at our best when we're together," that gratuitous piece of advice from an annoying corporate message on Duval Street. I usually drink tea if we stop at Starbucks on the road but I marvel how visitors drop in to Key West and turn their backs on that most ethnic of foods, Cuban Coffee in favor of one more cup of the familiar. 
One cup of Starbucks didn't make it and was abandoned by some thoughtful shopper. The scene of the crime:
I have thought about grouping together a whole bunch of these pictures and titling them "Urban Forest."  This one is on Whitehead Street and it's there if you look for it:
I really liked this next picture, over exposed and fuzzy of focus.  Documenting Key West pushes me to take as much care as I can of the basics of modern digital photography but this one got away from me. I like the effect of light and speed and blurriness as much as I am annoyed I wasn't ready to take the shot.
From time to time bees take up residence around Key West coming from as far as Cuba I believe.  We live in a time of bee stress so it is now popular to leave them alone and encourage them to not die off. The inconvenience seems worthwhile especially as I wasn't looking at the time for parking at the county courthouse.
A face in the plywood. If I can see it I sure hope you can! Angry isn't he? On Whitehead Street.
We started with a head in a box and end with a face on a plank. Yup, Key Weird it is.