Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Southard Street

I have been riding my new to me electric bicycle during my lunch breaks but I don't find it very conducive to photography. I bought the bicycle for a very specific reason, to try to avoid traffic jams projected for the next  year at the sole bridge into and out of Key West which will be undergoing almost overdue repairs.
In Key West the Cow Key Bridge is known as "The Triangle" as North and South Roosevelt Boulevards meet Highway at this critical three way junction. Anything blocking the bridge backs up traffic for miles so my plan is to park somewhere on the shoulder and complete my commute on my $600 Pedego Classic, lightly used six speed cruiser with a 350 watt electric motor powered by a 10 amp battery . Phew! Its as big a mouthful to describe as it is heavy to lift. This was me cruising down Southard Street with Light Pedal Assistance.  I got back to work sweat free, as I go to the gym for my exercise.
Aside from riding the bike lane at 12 mph I also enjoy walking Southard Street a one way ride away from Duval Street toward White Street. My yellow buzz bomb was rather overshadowed by the giant hump I saw on the hood as I walked by a couple of days earlier:
Walking, especially with Rusty gives me a chance to look as we go, and for all its usefulness as transport a bicycle still requires you to watch traffic more than the architectural oddities passing by.
An oleander flower (I think) celebrating the summer heat that has descended on a winter short by even Key West standards.
Rusty settled down on the sidewalk in front of Mangia Mangia restaurant, the corner building with the inviting awning.
I labeled this picture "White Ghosts on Patrol" on Instagram:
And I reserved a street corner panorama for the overloaded cyclist:
Rusty took our break in stride, paws carefully crossed.