Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Key West Homes

After all these years I still get pleasure from looking at the massive diversity of construction in this small town. 
As we gear up for the holiday and give thanks for this and that, it may time to give thanks you don't have to deal with these monstrously over priced cottages. Just because they cost half a million or more doesn't mean they are properly built or maintained, or even dare I mention it properly equipped.
It takes paint to fight the salt air and powerful sun.
In the old days they used wooden shutters and secured them for hurricanes. The wooden shutters still used today that open forward from a hinge at the top are called Bahama shutters. 
And in a town that has never seen frost the winter holiday season brings out illuminated fake icicles:
A sloping tin roof, broad overhangs and lots of vegetation add up to classic Key West:
Local commercial fishing boats have a driving position at the front of the boat like this:
Buttoned up until someone comes to live here:
And something somewhere is always for sale.

I noticed the Fantasy Fest beads below next to the ugly sign and I was reminded that Fantasy Fest may take a different turn next year. The current organizer has retired and made  a point of telling the paper she made a fortune in real estate since the 1970s and was not forced out of running Fantasy Fest by the deluge of negative press this year.
Lots of Fantasy Fest beads remind me of the week that's best forgotten. Hopefully whoever organizes the festival next year can clean it up a bit. That would be nice.