Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hurricane Remnants

The notion has been announced in the newspaper that hurricane clean up roadside is complete. Except it isn't.
Friends came to visit last week from California and they remarked on the damage and debris they saw. In these cases one makes polite noises while inside one wants to scream that they should have seen it a few weeks ago. That was bad, this is nothing!
Except of course you can't do that, good manners require you to make polite noises and ask how things are going at home.  Besides you have to be mindful that California got scorched in some areas and mudslides wrecked other areas, while Puerto Rico and the Vorgin Islands are living a permanent dystopian hell.
The Florida Keys really aren't so badly off.  We have a Republican governor and in these partisan times we get better treatment from our President than if we were  a blue state. Weird but true.
Hurricane Irma only side swiped Key West with modest 140 mph winds so damage was modest, mostly trees and wires. As well as signs and some siding and so forth. Just seeing someone up a ladder with a hammer leads one to the possibly erroneous conclusion that hurricane damage is being repaired.
Some damage clearly isn't.  I have been bracing myself to go back to the worst hit areas but I have to confess Big Pine Key and Bahia Honda are hard to face. There is so much that was familiar that has been wiped out and I wonder when I'll be ready to take a look. One day I will I keep promising myself...