Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eisenhower Drive

I took this picture from Jose Marti Drive in front of the police station at around two in the morning. The tall building is an apartment complex on Eisenhower overlooking Garrison Bight:Eisenhower Drive is a short street much shorter than the thoroughfare named for that other President from the same era. However Harry Truman was a frequent visitor to key west and Ike wasn't, so perhaps that's how it should be. Eisenhower runs between Truman Avenue to the south and Palm Avenue to the north and is sandwiched between the waters of Garrison Bight and the area known as The Meadows. The corner of Truman and Eisenhower is marked by the Sub Tropic Dive Shop and it's delightful mural:
Even the office got into the act with sea creatures appearing to float around inside, adding to the mural's effect:I snagged another couple of pictures of the apartment building which i think is Pelican landing or some such name:
And here is a close up of the outside stairway looking more like an apiary than human habitation: Eisenhower has few street lights so the darkness gives it a slightly dissolute, mysterious air: I set this picture up with thoughts of Orson Welles' Third Man coming to mind, though the scrubby bushes lining Eisenhower at this point do a poor job of replicating post World War Two Vienna...and I don't think I look either mysterious or threatening in as much as I am visible at all under the street light. I guess it was actually pretty dark out there!I caught sight of a few plants used in landscaping that apparently warrants burning electricity all night:Date palms towering over the street:
Coconut palms hardly seen in the reflected light:
This was a curiosity, a horse tethering pole planted as landscaping:this seems a rather ignominious fate for a love seat or divan or whatever it is, put out with the trash: And so I retraced my steps back to Truman Avenue, which I crossed unmolested as there was no traffic out at that hour, and so back to well illuminated Jose Marti Drive next to Bayview Park:
And from there, back to my station under the half moon:

A still and breathless summer's night, how perfect.