Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vignettes XL

If this Little Torch Sign means "No Noise After 6pm" that seems a little early in the evening to me, though I appreciate the sentiment overall. It's that time of year when winter visitors are busy telling everyone what to do and how to do it. Cheyenne and I were riding down the street with the boys and their dogs when Cheyenne was showing signs of restlessness so we stopped the car and I let her out. She ran off deep into the bushes across the street and rooted around. The man who lives at that house across the street, a winter resident who appears with his RV in winter and retreats to inflict himself somewhere else in the summer barked at me: "I hope you are going to pick up after it!" ( I live my life with plastic bags in my pocket). Which was an odd sentiment to express so nastily to me as a) Cheyenne was out of sight in the mangroves and b) after he leaves in April I will be free to sling tons of dog shit into his immaculate yard all summer long. I won't of course because I am a nice bourgeois neighbor not really interested in blood feuds. I left those behind when I left my village in Italy. Lucky for him.
A quick shot of sunrise over Ramrod Key taken from the top of the Niles Channel Bridge. While my wife was out of town I commuted by car, dropping Cheyenne off and picking her up after work from Wayne and Chuck's place on Sugarloaf Key.
So I had the camera easily available and for no particular reason that I can recall I took a few pictures. Oil is above $90 a barrel and gas around here is above $3 a gallon. Economists say oil is pricey enough it can stall economic recovery. I wonder which recovery they are talking about? It's Christmas at the end of my street on Ramrod. Witness the Christmas tree sprouting off the power pole. Wayne and Chuck Zuzu and Tootie. Thank God I didn't get a dog from the pound called Tootie. I have lots of gay attributes but walking around in public calling "Tootie Tootie!" would be over the top even for me. Cheyenne always struck me as a rather inappropriate name for a dog assigned to me. It sounds rather Western and butch. But we're stuck with it by now.
Dogs are astonishingly resilient creatures. These two Vizlas were treated, as Chuck puts it, like cattle and yet after a year they are acting like dogs, shy dogs maybe but dogs nonetheless. Cheyenne is apparently a good influence on them though I think sometimes she is just an Alpha bitch. When staying over with the boys she sneaks the girl's rawhide and makes a big play of chewing it in front of them. She needs to get a job with Wells Fargo Bank so she can puts lots of people in their place. She seems to be good at it. We walked for a while on Crane Boulevard. The big experiment here was to see what happened when a Vizsla walked off leash. It would be totally nerve wracking for me to have a dog so skittish she might not come if called. Wayne and Chuck have the patience of saints. There was a Dutch ship moored at the Navy Pier in Key West last week. It must be a tremendous drag waiting for permission to go ashore and taste all that Key West has to offer. Though I hear the Dutch authorities are clamping down on decriminalized drugs thanks to outbreaks of violence. You can rely on people to screw up a good thing. I notice the debate here at home is how to pay to keep millions of people incarcerated. If the pacific Dutch can't handle decriminalized marijuana I wonder how well such an idea might work in the land of out-of-control addiction...This whole line of idle thought was based on my observation of the flag at the stern (back of the boat). It looks Dutch to me. Perhaps it's Latvian or something in which case all the foregoing speculation was even more pointless than it actually was.
There was a flag on a Ford Mustang at Truman Waterfront.Pirates in paradise was another of those events with a minimal grasp on reality but it's a way to amuse the children and get some visitors to part with some cash of a weekend. Pirates had some attributes not frequently considered in the rush to absorb the cinematic versions of history. They elected their leaders which was a rash revolutionary act at a time when the Divine Right of Kings kept everyone subjugated (as Goldman Sachs does today). When their leader screwed up they deposed him and hired another one. Pirates were indifferent to race color or creed and all were welcome. Don't Ask Don't Tell wasn't part of the program.However Key West was not on their itinerary. Key West was the base for anti-pirate activity by the Gummint and when Commodore Porter was blisteringly successful at keeping the Florida Straits free of pirates he was hounded out of town as a spoilsport and a nuisance. Pirates were actually based in Nassau on New Providence Island after they were booted out of Old Providence Island in the Western Caribbean. The Florida Keys were shallow, full of currents, lacked wood and water, and were awkwardly placed to intercept merchant ships. Never mind, the myth lives on, all clean cut and not at all smelly.I hope they got people to part with lots of money, by hook or by crook.