Friday, June 19, 2020

Key West Bight

After all these years I still take great pleasure in being out before dawn with dog and camera checking out the shadows and light. 
I combine dog walking and picture taking in a  way that would not be possible without modern image stabilization, and my camera first came on the market in 2014 and yet it is equipped with stabilization I would have died for forty years ago. 
Not only does it make tripods obsolete for a lot of impromptu photography, stabilization gives me a chance to exercise Rusty and record my surroundings as I go. I am not a fan of the "good old days" because in the good old days my wife would be a cripple, I would be dead and photography was very expensive. there were a few other problems in the "good old days" that I'd rather not go into right now as they are causing ferment and unhappiness enough.
Pretty soon Turtle Kraals will become part of the "good old days" as The Boathouse moves in and takes it's place. Upscale is the new Key West and nothing emphasizes that like the disappearance of Turtle Kraals. I wonder who remembers Jabour's Trailer Park where The Marker resides right now? From down at heel to upscale in one  easy generation.
I was walking across the city parking lot in front of Waterfront Brewery and I looked up and saw this, a tree canopy, and I liked it.
I try to find the good in the recent rains even though I am not very good at accepting rain when I want sunshine all the time. However there are puddles with which to spot some decent reflections. Or as decent as I can figure.
I happened to be looking across the water as the sun came up and I got a bunch of sunrise pictures which I thought I might post all together this weekend. 
Rusty's synapses went off track and he decided for the first time ever he wanted to walk down the dock in front of Alonzo's to inspect the boats. I hated saying no but I am an obedient soul when I see a sign saying No. I need to train him to read for himself.