Monday, January 29, 2018

Truman Waterfront

They are still working on redesigning the waterfront given to the city by the Navy nearly two decades ago. Much earth moving.
The Coastguard Museum is still tied up and still  easily approached by visitors, even though the route through the construction changes as needed to accommodate the work.
I saw construction people inspecting the old warehouse and one hopes it will survive the wholesale changes coming to these 34 acres of former Navy Base.
I miss the open space, the empty seawall, the grassy field the places where you could come and run a dog or stand and look you across the harbor.  Now it's all traffic circles and asphalt and soulless urban landscaping:
So far the waterfront looks more like a transit area of roadways to get you someplace else.
Progress shown above and delightful lack of progress below in a bunch of archive pictures dating back a decade on this blog page::