Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Pines of Big Pine

My favorite tree is the pine, and if I had a choice I would like umbrella pines around my house. I live at 24 degrees north latitude on a small island with not much soil so I enjoy palm trees instead.These are not big pine trees but they will do. On a hot afternoon you can smell their resin and hear bees buzzing through the palmettos and thorn bushes. I look aloft and see pine needles and I feel at home.
I am impressed by redwoods among whom I lived for twenty years in Santa Cruz, California. This dead pine tree on Big Pine Key reminded me of the sequoias that fall over from time to time as their shallow roots lose their grip and the huge trees topple. Only that or lightning kills redwoods. This modest little pine tree died through human intervention, something like a chainsaw:
Here you have to crane your neck to see the stump right side up.
My dog is too handsome not to be photographed. Who were those people that gave her away? Idiots.
This little pine tree below got uprooted like a redwood but refused to die.
Pine needles and pine cones.
In the Keys, the wilderness is never far from civilization, worse luck.
Pines galore.
Thanks to the Nature Conservancy for preserving wilderness for us all.
They have bigger pine trees in other places, like the Italian hills where I grew up. But here there is no frost, not ever. that counts.